Training Course Types

Training courses according to the H·I·T·S Engineering Training Curriculum are offered in two ways. Public Training Courses are open for the general public. They are announced by this website, see the registration page. Training courses are also offered as service in support of particular systems engineering teams as organisation internal Team Training. Below both training course set-ups are described in more detail.

Public Training Courses

Public training courses are open for an audience with a wide range of experience in the systems engineering field from beginners to a rather advanced level, see the page on the intended audience for detail. Attendees of a particular training course may have diverse backgrounds and different levels of prior knowledge and experience. Diversity of the audience is intended.

A small group concept with four to eight attendees is applied to all training sessions. This allows an intense support for all individual training attendees with a lively exchange not only between the training attendees and the trainer, but also between all training attendees. Diverse backgrounds and levels of systems engineering experience are expected to enrich the exchange between the training course attendees.

However, no single group should become dominant as this may impact the training success of other attendees. For this reason, the training request form on the registration page asks for a self-assessment of one’s own experience level and the organisation she or he belongs to. All pending registration requests will be checked whether well-balanced training groups are ensured. Consequently, it may be occasionally proposed to individual applicants to switch to another training session. A decision will be mutually agreed with the applicant, before the registration call is sent to the applicant.

In particular, the intention is to avoid the case that one novice is faced with all others being rather experienced systems engineers, or vice versa. Similarly, too many applicants from the same organisation or company requesting attendance to the same training session with an otherwise diverse audience may become a threat. Too many issues internal to the particular organisation may be disclosed. Furthermore, these issues may dominate discussions during the training session. It may either be proposed to concentrate all attendees from the same organisation in a separate training session, or to agree with the affected applicants to attend different training sessions.

Training courses are offered either in the English or the German language. The presentation slides and most training material is available in both languages. Some hand-outs may be available in English only. Independently from the language of the attended training session, all training attendees are licensed to download the training books in both languages from the H·I·T·S Engineering Homepage for personal use. This includes the right to download future updated versions of the training books as long as the training attendee remains a registered user of the H·I·T·S Engineering Homepage.

Training attendees who have completed a training session get a certificate for having attended the specific Training Module of the H·I·T·S Engineering Training Curriculum. Training attendees having completed the full H·I·T·S Engineering Training Curriculum may further benefit from interactive content provided by the H·I·T·S Engineering Homepage for information exchange and support.

Team Training

Training of individuals is for the benefit of the individuals at first. The benefit for the organisation she or he is working for depends on a wide range of organisation internal factors and circumstances:

This is just a selection of essential questions an organisation may ask themselves when opting for investing into the training of employees according to the H·I·T·S Engineering Training Curriculum. The H·I·T·S Engineering Team Training is offered to support an organisation for a smoother transition in order to exploit the benefits of a strict value stream based approach for system concept generation and system development.

Training according to the H·I·T·S Engineering Training Curriculum is the core element of the H·I·T·S Engineering Team Training. So far, the H·I·T·S Engineering Team Training is equivalent to the Public Training Courses including all the benefits for training attendees. However, the opportunities to adopt the examples, exercises and discussions to the specific needs of the organisation are exploited. In order to understand the situation within the organisation, the H·I·T·S Engineering Team Training includes some coaching measures in advance of the training, and afterwards for providing advice and support in case of actual transition issues.

Please, contact H·I·T·S Engineering for discussing how the H·I·T·S Engineering Team Training may enrich your organisation.