Privacy Statement

The privacy of the users of this website is an important issue. A policy is applied to refrain from collecting user data as far as possible without adversely impacting the usability of this website.

As a general measure, the technologies employed to generate and to deliver the website content are kept simple. This reduces the susceptibility against cyber threats and information leakage.

Below you find further information regarding the privacy policy for unregistered visitors browsing the public content, and for registered users that benefit from additional functionality and content of this website.

Public Content

For assessing the public content, no tracking of user data beyond the information contained in standard server log files is performed. From the log data received from the web hosting service provider, mainly the count of site and page visits is evaluated occasionally. The evaluation results are used for further improvement of the website only.

No third party functionality is integrated into this website. All your page requests are responded with data under the administrative control of the H·I·T·S Engineering domain only, unless you follow an external link. This includes the following provisions:

Content for Registered Users

Registered users have access to extended functionality and content that is not available for unregistered visitors. In order to manage the access, session cookies are used. On the server, cookies are not stored persistently, but are deleted after a certain time period automatically. There is no reason to not delete the session cookie on your computer when you close your browser.

From registered users, personal information is requested as far as necessary for providing the additional functionality. As a minimum this includes an e-mail address, and the full name. Personal information of registered users will be stored in a database on the server of the web hosting service provider. Otherwise, personal information is not shared with third parties.

In all other aspects, the same privacy policy applies for registered users as for unregistered visitors accessing the public website content.